Financial requirements

International students who are or will be in F-1 or J-1 visa status are required to show proof of adequate funding for at least one year before an I-20 or IAP-66 form can be issued. Business and education majors need to show sufficient funding for two academic years. An additional $4,000 will be added for accompanying spouses and $1,500 for each child.

Our minimum requirements for one year are as follows:

Students w/o assistantship

Students w/ assistantship

NOVA students

Tuition and fees:




Room and board (12 months ):




Miscellaneous expenses (books, insurance):








If you need further information about tuition and fees, on campus housing and dining costs, please contact the bursar's office

Financial assistance for international students is available in the form of graduate assistantships. Assistantships are awarded by academic departments based on the students' academic merit, experience, and availability of funds. Some departments are able to offer more assistantships, other don't have any at all. Please conact the individual academic departments to find out their policy for awarding assistantships.

Assistantships come with a tuition scholarship that is at least proportional to the assistantship, and an out of state fee waiver if the student makes at least $4,000 during the academic year on graduate stipend. The minimum requirement for students with assistantship does not include the out-of-state fee since it will be waived. Generally, a full assistantship will cover our minimum requirement, and thus no further financial certification is necessary.

A limited number of on-campus hourly wage jobs are available for students. International students are limited to 20 hours of work per week by immigration regulations. Students may apply for these jobs after arrival. Please note that off-campus work is not permitted to students in F-1 visa status for the first 9 months after their arrival to the United States.

The following documents are accepted as financial certification:

 A current (less than six months old) bank statement or certification from other legal financial institution, along with an official letter from the sponsor. The letter should include the beneficiary's name, sponsor's name, his/her relationship to the beneficiary (parent, sister, friend, etc.), the amount of support and the time period for which it will be provided.

Please note that photocopies and statements older than six months are not acceptable.

Financial certifications have to reach the Graduate School by the posted deadline, which is usually November 15 for the Spring semester and June 15 for the Fall semester. If you have questions about the availability of assistantships, please contact the appropriate department.