Extension Request Procedures for J-1 Students

A J-1 student is eligible for program extension if he/she has continually maintained status by following all J-1 program requirements as described by the sponsor, USIA and INS. The extension is granted only if the student has well documented academic or medical reasons for the delay. The extension is approved by the International Student Advisor / Responsible Officer.

The extension process must be initiated and completed within a 30 day period prior to the expiration of the IAP-66 form. The 30-day grace period allowed by INS after the expiration of a J-1 program cannot be used as a period of time within which an extension or transfer request to USIA can be processed. Extension requests during the 30-day grace period will require reinstatement to J-1 program status.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Request for IAP-66 form for J-1 students.
  2. Attach a copy of you current IAP-66 form and a bank statement or other official financial certification showing sufficient funding for the requested extension period.
  3. Return the documents to the Graduate Student & Scholar Support Office so that a new IAP-66 form can be issued for you.
  4. Your new form will be issued within 2-3 days. Please bring your passport with you when you come in to pick up the form. You will be required to fill out and sign the back of the white copy of the IAP-66 form. You will keep the pink copy for your records.
  5. The yellow copy of the IAP-66 form will be sent to USIA for notification purposes. (If the purpose of the IAP-66 was for you to request a new visa outside the US, keep all three pages of the IAP-66 form (white, yellow and pink copies).
 DO NOT throw away any of your old IAP-66 forms since you may need

them later in the future if you want to change your immigration status.