Extension Request Procedures for F-1 Students

An F-1 student is eligible for program extension if he/she has continually maintained status by enrolling full-time (9-12 hours for graduate students), showing normal progress toward a degree and following all INS requirements regarding employment and other procedures (see Maintenance of Student Status). The extension is granted only if the student has well documented academic or medical reasons for the delay. The extension is approved by the International Student Advisor.

Extension requests must be made within 30 days before the expiration of the I-20 form. Please follow the steps below:

  1.  Complete the Request for I-20AB form.
  2. Attach a copy of you current I-20 form and a bank statement or other official financial certification showing sufficient funding for the requested extension period.
  3. Complete items 1-6 of the I-538 form. Sign your name on the signature line after the Practical Training information. DO NOT complete any information in items 7 & 8 or section B. This form is necessary in order to certify that you have maintained your F-1 status.
  4. Return the documents to the Graduate Student & Scholar Support Office so that a new I-20 form can be issued for you.
  5. Sign your name, print your name and put the date at the bottom of the new I-20 form.
  6. The top page of the I-20 form (School Copy) along with the endorsed I-538 form will be sent to INS. (If the purpose of the I-20 was for you to request a new visa outside the US, keep both pages of the I-20 form. The top copy will be removed by the immigration officer at the port of entry.) You will receive the Student Copy of the new I-20 form. Keep it with your previous form(s).
 DO NOT throw away any of your old I-20 forms since you may need them

later in the future if you want to change your immigration status.