Academic training for J-1 students

When can you apply for academic training?

  • after you received a job offer related directly to your area of study
  • you are in good academic standing, expecting to graduate within a few weeks
  • before your program ends or your IAP-66 form expires, whichever comes first

When can you not apply for academic training?

Checklist for application:

  1. Find employment in your field of study
  2. Receive job offer in writing (on company's letterhead)
  3. Fill out application and approval forms for academic training (you can pick up these forms in front of 214 Sandy Hall)
  4. Obtain the signature of your advisor or department head on the approval form
  5. Meet with the international student advisor to discuss the details of your academic training (have your application and approval forms, your job offer, your current IAP-66 form and your passport with you)
  6. After your academic training is approved, a new IAP-66 form will be issued to you.
If you completed all this, you are ready to work!!!

Things to remember:

  • The limitation on academic training is 18 months
  • For post-doctoral positions the initial 18 months can be extended for another 18 months
  • The academic training cannot be longer than the academic coursework
  • Academic training applications have to be processed before your IAP-66 expires or your program ends
  • You are still in J-1 status when you are on academic training
  • If you travel outside the U.S., you still need an endorsement on the back of your IAP-66 form. If you need to renew your visa, you will be issued a new IAP-66 form